The Week That Was

Ohh what a week it has been.

The week started with the hubster having a well earned week off work, I took the opportunity to get down to the beach for sunrise whilst daddy got the kiddos ready for school.

fishing at dawn

It was oh so cold, but oh so beautiful.

morning has broken

I then pootled off for yet another docs appointment, this one didn’t go as planned but hey ho.

I did get some lovely daffodils and managed a spot of weaving.

weaving and daffs


Umm yeah, this was full of all the excitement…we did a bit of a Spring clean around the house.We did manage to fit in a peaceful walk with just the two of us, not something we get to do easily when the twins are with us.

pretty blooms on our walk


Today was the hubsters birthday, hip hip hooray! Anyone else start singing along to Naughty by Nature?

birthday card

Once we got the kiddos off to school it was time for hubby to make his birthday cake, he wanted to do it, he was trying out some fancy new recipe which used coconut cream or whatever so I was leaving him to it. And it was so worth it, the cake was delicious.

After some cake it was time to head up to the school, every term the children have an afternoon during which they showcase their work and what they’ve learnt to parents, lots of fun!

We be kings

It was lovely to see the boys so excited about their school work.

hard at work


I’m not even going to lie, I slept away a lot of the day, and it was soooo good.

I realised that I’d messed up the dates and there is another week at school before Half Term, if the kids ask, the school changed the dates.


I started the day in flap trying to find red things for the kids to wear, they could donate to the British Heart Foundation and wearing something red rather than their school uniform, trying to convince Ethan to wear more than red pants needed more than one mug of coffee!

I almost cried. My hydrangea which I bought a few weeks ago got damaged by the frost, I’d been wanting a hydrangea for yonks and was ridiculously happy to finally have one, so when I saw it all flumped I was a bit upset. But hubs being the awesome bloke he is whisked me of to the garden centre and bought me some new plants including a gorgeous pink hydrangea, yay!

friday flowers

We finished the week off with a visit from some of my family, we always have a giggle when they visit.

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  1. I am loving all your flowers and yarns - the weaving looks awesome x

  2. How lovely to get a week at home with your man, I've missed mine ever since he went back to work after Christmas...
    Staycations are actually the best! xx

  3. A lovely week - and what a treat to have the Husband home and have time together!! Lovely! The coconut cake sounds delicious - will he be sharing the recipe on the blog?

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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