The Week That Was

You know those weeks which come along and just kick your arse, this has been that week.

I mean, you just know it isn’t going to go well when you get absolutely no sleep whatsoever on Sunday night.

This has been a week of meh


Umm yeah, well the less said about this day the better. I managed to get everything done I needed to, but nothing else.

coffee yawns


Again I got no sleep and was feeling so rough I decided to head out to the park to get some air, it perked me up a little, and it was lovely to see so many signs of Spring in bloom.

raining in the park

I may have popped in to Lakeland to buy some bits and pieces, because I can’t resist buying Christmas stuff!



If you know what I did today please let me know, still not having got any sleep I was just meh blah urgh.



After another night of barely any sleep, and a raging earache, I woke up barely able to take a breathe and total loss of hearing in my left ear, oh yay me!

And then, because life is just “too easy”, as I was trying to bribe the kids to get dressed for school I noticed a bunch of raised spots on Ahrens chest, a quick peek at Ethan and I saw he to had some spots!

After a little manic panic involving arm flapping and looking around the living room to see who would dare give my boys spots I realised they had chickenpox.

Must admit to being less than impressed when I called the school to inform them the boys would be absent only to be informed “..oh yes, chickenpox is doing the rounds”.

Am I being naive in thinking the school could have given us a heads up?!

No, no I’m not!

Before long their daddy came home with chickenpox fighting supplies; PoxClin, Kinder eggs, Pish Food ice cream and Calpol.


I woke up deliriously happy, I slept the night away, and OMG it felt soooo good. Sleep is so taken for granted, but without it, damn life becomes all kinds of hard.

written in the sand

Knowing we would soon be house bound with a couple of narky little fart nuggets we made the most of the gloriously sunny day and headed to the park.

wildflower proverb

Once we got home it was time to check out the pox spots, damn those things pop up everywhere, and fast.


Saturday kicked in early with Ethan declaring he wasn’t feeling well and had to sleep in mummy's bed, wasn’t long before hubs headed to the sofa, for a small person Ethan takes up SOOOOO much room in the bed.

The poor little sod was soon snuggled with this daddy on the sofa, playing Minecraft probably.

pox and craft time

As the poxy pox kicks in hard we’ve had a day of comforting the kids, oat baths and lotions and potions, the odd biscuit and a few crafty projects, sadly they both seem to be getting worse.

It’s going to be a long few days!

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  1. Hope your boys get better soon, poor things :(

  2. Oh no! I hope the poxy pox goes quickly :( x

  3. oh no! we re yet to have chicken pox in this house not looking forward to it though, hope they feel better soon! x

  4. I remember my eldest two getting chicken pox, not a good few weeks! But it is soon over and will be all good again! Hope they recover quickly!

  5. Oh your poor boys! Chicken pox is horrible, but hey, at least we only get it once in life :) I hope they recover quickly and that you get more sleep this week! Lots of love!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  6. Jenna Richards3 March 2015 at 16:58

    Ohhh nooo chicken pox. :(

    Ahh Lakeland shops make me go giddy too! :)

    I love the way you layout your photos btw.

    Stopping over from #TWTWC linky!

    Jenna at xx

  7. Oh no, the Pox!! Zoe had them at Christmas time. Poor things! I love Lakeland - goodbye salary!! Lovely photos :) Here via the #TWTWC linky

    Anna x


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