The Weeks That Were…

It’s been a funny ol’ two weeks.

We’ve had many moments of creativity. My knitting and weaving are coming along pretty darn well and I learnt how to make origami flowers. And Ahren has been perfecting his colouring in skills.

weaving and driftwood

flower and plant signs

ahren and his dino

A lot of faffing about. We’ve been stuck indoors most of the half term with kids being ill then me coming down with some nasty flu bug, which has led to lots of faffing and making things look pretty.

flowers and faffing

pretty faffing

School discos. You know your kids are growing up when they have school discos, and the teachers have to remind them  “NO KISSING”, this mama isn’t ready for this!

lets dance

Half term cuddles. Isn’t this the best way to kick of a weekend? Their conversation went a little like this… “Shall we play Batman?” “Yeah, then we can play Pirates of the Caribean” “Okay” “Okay”

hey dude

Mine Craft, lots and lots of Mine Craft. The boys had an IOU from Santa for a bunch of Mine Craft Lego sets, his elves hadn’t made enough for Christmas, nannie and doopa delivered these gifts and OMG were the boys stoked.

minecraft goodies

A bit of love and stuff. We celebrated the days of love and pancakes, two of the best days of the year.

love and stuff

the day of the pancakes

And sickness, I’m beyond fed up of sick bugs, luckily for me I have 3 awesome guys who spoil me rotten and look after me super duper well.

coffee bed and blankie

my kids rock

We’re now getting ready for the boys to go back to school, which means I’m trying to figure out where their school uniforms are and if they have any more homework lurking about.

Don’t panic!!

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  1. Oh your week looks lovely. Those plant signs are beautiful and once again I envy how creative you are. Ahren's colouring is fantastic! x

  2. Valentine's disco?! Already? Bless them! It looks like you had a lovely week :) those plant pot signs are fabulous!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  3. I love how you set out your photos - so pretty. Off to see if you have Instagram... x TWTWC


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