Enjoying the Moment

Whilst out on a recent sunrise jaunt I saw something which made me incredibly sad, in an almost unexplainable way.

A chap waltzed up to the beach, set up his camera equipment snapped a sunrise photo and then walked away, all in a matter of seconds.

saturday sunrise

Snap and go.


I appreciate he may have been in a hurry, places to go people to see and all that jazz, but I couldn’t help but get a little sad that he was either too busy or just so blasé with the sight of a glorious sunrise that he was able to turn his back on it so swiftly.

But that seems a common trend nowadays, we seem so busy, that we often ignore what is going on around us, content or arrogant enough to assume we will have another chance to appreciate it at a more convenient time.

But we wont always get that chance.

Perhaps the weather will disappoint, your children get older, seasons change, you’ll move locations or some other event could arise and the possibility of living in that moment, regardless of being able to capturing it, has passed.

I’m the sort that will pause, put the camera down and just enjoy, I may not always get the moments on film, but I live them, enjoy them and remember them.

We need to stop assuming that we’ll always get another chance, instead we should slow down, live in the moment and embrace all that is wonderful when we get the chance.


  1. I am with you on this. Slow down, enjoy the moments, appreciate the beauty. The next sunrise won't be exactly the same or you may not be around to see it.
    One of the mums from our class died in February, she was only 37. It makes you stop and realise how fleeting our time is and how enjoying precious moments and having the memory by seeing it through your own eyes means so much more than trying to have hundreds of moments taken through a lens.

  2. Absolutely. This is a lesson that I learn every single day. There will never be a calmer time or a quieter moment. Live it now. x x


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