How Does Your Garden Grow

Bloomin’ marvelous!

Spring has sprung, and it’s looking good, if still a tad chilly.

After the seemingly endless weeks of nothing much at all happening, it’s all go go go in the garden at the moment. Everyday there is another bulb blooming or petal unfurling.

Sunday was a ridiculously gorgeous day which we made the most of by faffing about in the garden.

sunday gardening

pretty pink primula

all the petals and all the colours

How gosh darn gorgeous is Bloomy Two looking?

hydrangea petals

And Bloomy One has perked up beautifully well.

bloomy 1

I finally got round to finishing off some garden markers.


I’m loving the infusion of colour, such a welcome change.




The daft chrysanthemum fell over, I couldn't resist a snap of it’s pretty petals.

pretty petals

I went a bit hacking crazy with the Jasmine, these pieces looked just too pretty to go in the trash, so I popped them in a jug. No idea if they will bloom, but they sure do look lovely.

hacked and pretty

I got distracted by flower faffing, but gah… those stems are just too short.

short stems

And these were just to darn pretty to pass by.

spring flower faffing

I know we’re all about the real flowers, but I do love these fake ones we picked up.

fake flowers at the beach

Can’t wait to see what pops up over the next week or so, although I think I need to see about some Summer flowers, I’ve totally forgotten what I’ve planted!

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. I feel better after your post - a much needed flower colour therapy infusion! Beautiful photos.

  2. Yay for colours! I need to get some flowering things on the go here, it's always nice to walk out the front door and see something in bloom isn' it? Seriously loving those garden markers too - you have skillz madam! That purple primrose has crazy good purple stripy petals - all so gooooooooood!
    Thank you for joining in again - the bloomy pair have the thumbs up from me!

  3. Catherine @ Growing Family6 March 2015 at 09:39

    Colour! Such a treat for my eyes, can't wait until my garden decides to come up with the goods too!

    That jasmine looks so beautiful in the jug, hope it blooms for you :)

  4. It's always lovely to pop over to your blog as you always seem to find colour in flowers no matter the time of year!

  5. What gorgeous photographs Amanda - stunning! This really makes me feel very spring-like. Beautiful colours :) x

  6. Your jasmine is way ahead of mine and I thought mine was early. You're in UK and I'm 1000km further south in the south of France, what's going on? Such pretty colours. #hdygg

  7. Wow what great colours, makes me want to go and do some gardening but it's still too cold for me!

  8. Happy Homebird9 March 2015 at 23:57

    Beautiful post, all those pretty pastels. Those garden markets are really cute.

  9. So much colour, so much promise of warmer weather to come :)

  10. Helen Sims The good life mum10 March 2015 at 19:53

    i think i am in primrose heaven looking at your post so lovely and pretty


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