How Does Your Garden Grow


I think I have a problem.


It’s a THING!

Another week gone and another trip to the garden centre, and I bought MORE plants!

I was good, I didn’t buy too many, but I did go twice and got plants each time!

These beauties were calling out to me, but I stayed strong and resisted their beautiful, petally goodness.

perfectly pink

violas and sunshine

tiny orange blooms

Instead I got Sweet Peas, called Spencer, and my hubs is a Spencer, so really I couldn’t not buy them.

Spencer sweatpea

And I got Ranunculus, because with a name like that, how could I not!

It’s a Harry Potter spell, well it should be!


I got some other plants but alas, the camera is dead and the cable is over there somewhere and, yeah…I’ll show you next week.

This week the garden is in full glorious Spring bloomage…

all the crocus

all the mini daffs


After the last few weeks of bloomage I’ve had to do a little flower and plant maintenance, deadheading and cutting back here and there.


A little tip, if you have any twiggy type garden waste, leave it in a pile close to where your bird feeders are, the little birdies will use it to build/repair their nests!

This week I have been amazed by the contrast in Spring blooms, when I think of Spring I naturally think of bright colours yet these daffodils and the hellebore are at odds with each other.

A more Autumn meets Spring combination!



Happy Birthday to our gorgeous hostess Annie!

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. Ooo Ranunculus I ruddy love them! So so soooo pretty! I was at a plant center today but managed to resist temptation as I really need to plan out just where I am going to put stuff first. In the past I've been terrible at buying plants and going home and planting them wherever only for them not to last because I've put them in the wrong place !

    Such a happy Spring post - I am loving all the happy colours linked up this week. Spring we are on your case!

    Thanks for joining in again :)

  2. Just loving all the colours, names and gorgeous photos! Now I want to go on a shopping spree....for flowers!

  3. I was going to the garden centre this week but somehow resisted! I love the colour combinations of your petals.

  4. Oh that's definitely a thing - it's very dangerous and can be very contagious and expensive at times too. It's the worst sort of habit to have, but also one of the best as it's so rewarding! ;) I think quite a few of us are affected by it too, there is no hope.... #hdygg

  5. I have a similar disease - seed-buying-itus :)

  6. oh i have this disease too! my goal is to get the last flower haul planted so i can go buy another!


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