How Does Your Garden Grow

I may have found one of my most favourite gardens ever.

This past Mama Day I helped clear a garden for an elderly couple, it was hard work but it felt good to do something for someone else, and having a nosey around someone else's garden was kinda fun too!

Their garden is on a pretty steep incline, kinda wild and just…gosh darn pretty in a wild sorta way.

wild garden 

There were so many Hellebores!


Helleboro and logs

And bushes of these gorgeous blooms, even the ones which had dropped to the ground were beautiful in their own way.


This chubby fella was actually shaking his ass trying to get more pollen!

pollon collecting bee

I loved the contrast of thriving blooms and fallen leaves.


Once we had finished the garden work I scooped up a few blooms which had dropped to the floor, they look gorgeous with the blossom which is popping up everywhere.


wood slice and blossom

Back in our own, less wild garden, there is colour everywhere!

I’ve been removing blooms from the Primroses to encourage new growth, fingers crossed I don’t kill them.

Primrose blooms

Primrose blooms and mini buckets

I’ve been pootling aimlessly around the garden looking for a home for Bloomy Two, I may have run out of garden!



How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. oh how beautiful! it would be a favorite garden for me as well

  2. Bloomy 2 is looking mighty fine!
    Loving the elderly folks garden, I love a mature garden where everything's grown over year and year and really woven the whole place together - and good on you for helping them :) I too picked up camellia blooms from the floor this week - they look too beautiful to leave lying on the dirt don't they? I centainly couldn't bear to have walked on them.
    Lovely happy colours again this week - thank you for joining in and sharing x

  3. Those camellias look beautiful, our neighbour has some and the blooms just tip over into our garden...I wonder if they'll noice me pruning a few?!!

  4. I do love a wild looking garden - I'm hoping mine will be like that one day. It's relatively new though so it's got a long way to go :) Beautiful blooms and I really like your little arrangements.

  5. Catherine @ Growing Family19 March 2015 at 12:42

    Such a lovely garden - and such a lovely thing to do helping out too. I'm still waiting for my (small but lovely) camellia to bloom, getting impatient now having seen all your gorgeous photos!

  6. What a glorious garden to help with! Loving all your photos and collected blooms!

  7. such a delightful post! so glad you were able to help with that gorgeous wild garden!

  8. Oh what beautiful pictures! I'm not green fingered at all but hope to learn so I can cultivate our little space! Lovely blooms!

  9. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault21 March 2015 at 18:24

    I can see why you love that garden so much - I do too :)

  10. Love the fallen blooms. I need to do some flower faffing so will be pinching a few primrose flowers off this week.


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