How To ~ Wood Slice Garden Markers

 With Spring finally gracing us with her presence I thought it was time to start some work in the garden, alas, I’m terrible at remembering which plants are which so my first task was to make some garden markers.

I’m a big fan of wood slices and as I have a bunch of them it seemed an ideal project to use them on.

how to make wood slice garden markers


These wood slices are from a branch I picked up whilst out on a walk, given a little sanding to smooth them out, I then painted each on with some chalkboard paint.


Once painted it’s time to decorate, I’ve found those metallic pens very effective on chalkboard paint, any mistakes can just be painted over!

flower and plant signs

Next up is drilling a hole in each wood slice.

drilling in to wooden dis


I used florists wire to make the “stems” for each garden marker. Poke the wire through the hole, until it’s about half way through, then bend both pieces of wire down, along the back of the wood slice (non decorated side).

Holding the wood slice still, grab both pieces of wire with pliers and start to twist. Keep going until both pieces of wire are twisted together, this makes the “stem” much more rigid, ideal for planting in soil.

twisting wire

ready to decorate

Now time to add a coat of protective varnish.

Once dry, they can be popped in the garden to help identify your plants and blooms.



It started to rain before I could get the others in the ground, but you get the idea!

I love the unobtrusiveness of these garden markers, and will be making some signs for an Easter Egg hunt in the same way!


  1. These are so cute! Such a great idea, so natural looking x

  2. My Repurposed Life4 March 2015 at 19:17

    so cute! great tutorial. I'll be pinning and sharing these on facebook today!


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