Making Time

As I was strolling along with Ahren to yet another set of appointments at the hospital for his hearing check ups I realised something; I only ever get one on one time with either of my children when they are ill or in hospital.

ahren and blossom

As we walked along playing I Spy, snapping photos of blossom and having the most wonderfully bizarre conversation as to what I would do if a monkey grabbed Ahren and climbed a tree with him, I realised we don’t do this sort of thing anywhere close to often enough.

ahren and his buttercups

As a family of four with have wonderful fun times together, I’ve had amazing moments whilst solo parenting with just me and the kiddos doing our thing.

But what I haven’t had much of at all, is real, one on one time with my children as individuals.

And as much as I love the moments when we’re all together, I do miss my boys.

They both have strong personalities, yet it is all too easy for one to dominate {not always in a good way} and thus secure the majority of our attention at any one time.

I seem to be pulled in different directions with them both; making certain to disappoint one or both when I can’t do, say or just be what they need me to be when they need me.

Their schedules are the same, their progress and development is practically identical, the typical markers which I would use to carve out individual time and activities for each child aren’t there, or maybe there are and I’m just too close to see them.

Either way, I need to set aside time for one on one time with them. They are growing up so quickly that before long they wont even want to spend time with me.

How do you fit one on one time with your children in to your schedules, or am I worrying over nothing?



  1. I hadn't thought about the difficulties in getting one on one time when you have twins - always thought of them coming as a pair but like any siblings it must be lovely to get time with them individually. He looks so grown up all of a sudden x

  2. mummyofboygirltwins26 March 2015 at 18:20

    Yes! I know what you mean. When we're together often Lottie dominates the day and Harry is happy to pushed back a little. However when I spend time on my own with him he is far chattier. We try to do separate things at the weekends, when Daddy is around and although they miss each other a few hours apart is less stressful for us, and nice for them. Jess x #multiplemadness

  3. I sometimes struggle with the fact that, as triplets, our kids get very little individual time and as a parent of multiples, I get to give them very little individual attention.

    There really isn't much better than those moments when the other two are asleep or off playing with Mom, and you can spend a little time - however short - with just that one child. Awesome.


  4. This is something I've struggled with, my answer has been to take just one if I'm popping to the shop or running a quick errand in the car etc. and there's someone else at home to care for the other one. But at home it is quite difficult until they are older, when nobody really wants to spend time with you anyway ;-) Thanks for linking up with #MultipleMadness xxx


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