You’d be forgiven for thinking the most newsworthy events this week are some bloke leaving a band and some older dude getting sacked from a job he loved for no justifiable reason.

You wouldn’t think there is a General Election taking place in just over a month, nor that an aeroplane has crashed killing all 150 passengers.

You wouldn’t think there were countries at war: Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Ukraine, Burma…

In Kabul a suicide bomber has killed 6 people.

37 people died when 3 buses crashed in northern Peru.

It’s truly disgusting and a mark of just how disassociated we’ve become with real issues that leading news stories of the day are a boy band and an angry man who punched a work colleague.

It’s a sad day indeed when comments like “…the entire country is mourning” and “…gone forever. This is a sad day” refer to a TV show about cars rather than the senseless deaths of men, women and children.

The media, and many many people out there should be ashamed of themselves this week.


  1. Yep, it's a sad reflection that this is what the media will say is "giving people what they want" because it drives 'eyeballs' to websites, newspapers and magazines. I know there's an element of pragmatism about this - page views pay the bills etc etc - but I do wish we had a little more idealism about things too. News shouldn't be solely about giving the people what they want to know but also what they need to know, no?


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