Silver Linings ~ Looking For The Positives In Life

I’ll be the first to admit that life at times just sucks, it’s often hard, thankless and painful.

There’s days when nothing ever seems to go right and problem after issue just mounts up one after another with no end in sight. My struggles with depression and anxiety really make it difficult to see any positives at times, which is why I try extra hard to put a positive spin on things whenever I can.

We’ve recently been through a rough patch…health niggles, changes at work, family woes and the usual crap which happens on a daily basis for no reason other than to frustrate the already frustrated.

The twins both have the dreaded chickenpox and I must admit, it is hard to handle. They’re grumpy, under quarantine and I’m about to pull my hair out. But, I’m getting some unexpected mama-son time with my boys. Plus they’re extra cuddly and adorably cute in their “woe is me” state, I’m always up for some extra snuggle cuddles.

So, whilst it sucks that they are ill, a tiny part of me is rejoicing in this unexpected, but welcomed time we have together.

We got lost on our way to the park, I know, I’ve only lived here 9 years! But lost we got and rather than arriving at the local park we ended up on the South Downs. Despite the mud, and yes I did slip over and even I have to admit it was hilarious, we had a really lovely time and found a new to us place which we will be visiting often.

Getting lost actually proved a really good idea and turned out to be rather fun.

Getting lost on the South Downs

And then poor ol’ hubster got sent home from work, he has the lurgies.

And whilst it sucks for him to be ill it has been nice to have an early evening with all my boys, family time, no matter how it comes about is so precious.

Those are just 3 situations which I could’ve let get to me in a negative way, but I’ve was able to find something positive in them. That’s not to take away from the seriousness of each situation; kids with chickenpox when you’re already ill is hard work, getting lost when you suffer with anxiety and panic attacks is a bad combination and as lovely as hubs is, he’s a right noob when he’s ill {sorry Spanky}.

There are undoubtedly some situations which, whilst living through them, seem impossible to have any positive associations, but I do intend to keep looking for them no matter what.

Do you look for silver linings?


  1. lovely post. like you I suffer with depression and it can be a real struggle some days. Last weekend, my hubby went to the gym and the kids were pestering me to talk them to the park just behind our house. I really didn't feel like it, but I forced my self to go. and I am so glad I did . I had a lovely time with the kids. I was even swinging on the swings with my 9 year old to see who could go the highest. Lifted my mood no end

  2. Love it Amanda. I'm guilty of wallowing in the crap sometimes but totally agree that we need to look for the silver linings wherever possible. Something we need to teach our kiddies to do as well :) Lovely post x


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