‘Stupid is as stupid does’

Oh Katie Hopkins, will there ever be a time when you don’t try to court controversy and say stupid shit?

No, probably not.

I’m not sure why we continue to be shocked and disgusted by her verbal idiocy.

Perhaps we hope one day she will have an epiphany and realise that she doesn’t really want to be remembered for being nothing but a nasty, vindictive bullying individual.

I fear we will be waiting for a long while.

Her latest ignorant musings on depression and mental health are ill informed at best and dangerous at worst. Having lived with depression and PTSD for over 5 years I have nothing but disdain for her, and a little bit of pity.

I can’t imagine the loneliness that must be her life if these are her actual opinions, can you imagine wanting to be friends with this woman? Nope, neither can I.

But what I really pity her for is the fact that 1 in 5 of us will suffer from some form of depression; I wonder if it will be herself, her husband or one of her 3 children, statistically one of them will be affected by depression.

I wonder if she will mock them, scoff at their thoughts of worthlessness and suicidal thoughts. Perhaps she’ll be really ‘helpful’ and flush their antidepressants and throw a pair of trainers at them.

I do hope she realises just how irresponsible and ignorant her words are before depression comes knocking on her door.


  1. I no nothing about this woman except for her obnoxious loud mouth. Where did she come from? Why is she given air-time? Whenever she opens her mouth I have the same reaction as when I've stepped in something unmentionable. Let's hope karma sorts her out.

  2. Sadly, I think this woman airs her ill-informed opinions for nothing other than publicity. So sad to think that one day her children will be old enough to hear these opinions and realise how horrible their mother was :( As you say, I hope that her children don't wind up with depression one day. x


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