The Week That Was

Ahh what a week.

Thankfully the week of pox was surrounded by lovely weekends.

sunday 1 march

The pox well and truly kicked in and I had two adorably cute sidekicks all week.


After a few days under quarantine the boys were understandably going a little stir crazy and this mama needed to get out the house, so off we went to get lost. It was total fun bumps.

monday 2 march



Seems that one way to keep the kids from going feral scratching their chickenpox spots is to let them run riot in wide open spaces, away from other people of course! So to the beach we went, thankfully we had it to ourselves and the boys were able to keep their nasty germs to themselves.

We also popped in to one of our favourite shops where the boys picked a flower each.

tuesday 3 march

Once we got home we had a bit of a crafternoon, I do love making a pretty mess!



Today was all about laundry, sometimes my days are just too exciting!

Found the most adorable note from Ahren, he loves me, almost as much as cake.

wednesday 4 march


Another trip to the beach, some vitamin D does wonders for narky kids.

I bought a Ranunculus from the garden centre BEST PLANT NAME EVER! Sounds like a Harry Potter spell.

And ahhhhh my boys, just chillin’ and sleepin’.

thursday 5 march


We needed a flumpy day and stayed in pjs all day long, ahhh. I do love those days full of nothing in particular and yet still full of fun times.

friday 6 march


This was a crazy busy morning…laundry, beach, play park, fed the ducks, shopping and then a trip to the garden centre!


With the weather as gorgeous as it is and how beautiful everything looks with Spring in bloom, it seems a shame not to get out there and make the most of it.

saturday 7 march

It’s now Sunday, the kids are in bed, uniforms are ready for them going back to school in the morning and I’ve just had a rather bloody yummy cinnamon cupcake muffin thing, life is good.

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  1. Flowers galore this week Amanda! Gorgeous!! Pox has to be the worst childhood illness! You were lucky they got it together and not several weeks apart! Glad they are on the mend xxx Popping over from #twtwc

  2. Your weeks are always full of pretty colours, craftiness, flowers and outdoors. I love it. You have a life that is beautiful to look at x

  3. Nicki - onthechangingmat8 March 2015 at 23:03

    Hi! I found your blog through Hannah's linky and was drawn to your flower thumbnail image... are you in Eastbourne?! I think I spy the Cavendish hotel in the background of one of your pics! I'm going to Eastbourne tomorrow! It's where I grew up.... And I once worked at the Cavendish! xx

  4. Hi Nicki,
    Yep, we are in Eastbourne, love it here! Enjoy you visit, shame the weather is rather blah today xx

  5. Ahh thank you Donna, such a lovely think to say. You always leave such wonderful uplifting comments x

  6. I'm all about the flowers, the colours are just so happy inducing! I was glad they had it together, at least it's almost over and done with now x

  7. Love your weekly update. I hope the chicken pox have now passed and everyone is now well, they can be quite nasty x

  8. Christina Smith Gibson11 March 2015 at 11:40

    The chicken pox are awful but hopefully only once. I think your below is "lovely". I have nominated your blog on my blog for One Lovely Blog Award.

  9. It looks like you've had a great week - despite the chicken pox! So many beautiful flowers :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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