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I do love discovering new to me places and a recent stay at the in laws didn’t disappoint.

Considering I lived with them for a short while and have visited often I was beyond delighted to discover a lovely little wilderness park just across the road from them, perfect for the twins to have a run about and see a bit of nature.

One thing I can’t stand about London now it just how busy and loud it is, I’ve been spoilt by the coastal charms. Yet this park, right in the middle of a busy metropolitan city was perfectly peaceful and just…ahhh lovely, a great reminder that you don’t have to get out of the city to get back to nature.

afternoon sun on daffs

big stairs little boys

The boys were excited to see a few different ducks, the King Fisher was a lovely surprise.

Not so nice was the amount of rubbish, why oh why can’t people dispose of things properly?! It really isn’t that difficult.

bits of nature

trees over the river

After running around like loons we stopped to feed the ducks, always a fun way to spend an afternoon.

dont fall

just chillin by the river

Ethan may have slipped down the embankment and ended up in the water.

And after scooping him out the river, and making sure he was okay we may have laughed at him.

About this time we decided it would be best to take them home and get him cleaned up, he was taking the whole “getting back to nature” thing a bit too seriously.

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  1. This looks so lovely, love the stairs going down and ducks are always a nice addition! x

  2. Gosh that looks like an oasis in the city! There's something almost magical about finding natural habitat amongst all the noise and buildings. Very jealous too that you spotted a King Fisher.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful park in the city. And yes I would have laughed if one of mine slipped in too, after checking they were ok. Lovely photos #countrykids

  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona)28 March 2015 at 09:13

    What a lovely place to have found and explored, especially in the center of London. It's always great to see that there's still some green areas for people to go and explore and relax. The boys look like they're enjoying this little patch of green, and feeding the ducks. It's a shame Ethan fell into the pond, finishing the visit but it sounds like it didn't ruin the trip for him. thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  5. What a great find in such a busy place like London.I would miss green spaces immensely if I lived in the city, I'm always on the look out for new natural places where I live.I hope Ethan hasn't recovered from his fall in the pond.

  6. That's what's good about London, that there are beautiful green areas. Impressive seeing a kingfisher. I always worry about N falling in - mostly because I think he'd panic and not try and swim back, and that I'd end up having to go in too!

  7. Merlinda Little28 March 2015 at 23:54

    Love that stair! Its amazing how London can be so metropolitan and yet you will see pockets of greens like this! #countrykids

  8. what a wonderful find. fabulous photos

  9. One of my favourite things about London--all the unexpected places you come across. Lovely photos, especially the first one!


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