5 Life Lessons I Want My Children To Learn


I was tagged by the crazy talented glass making Lucas in the #Big5Meme , where parent bloggers share 5 life lessons they want to pass on to their children.

As a mama with some amazing and a few horrific life experiences I could waffle on and on about what lessons I would like to pass on to my children, trying to narrow it down to 5 was difficult.

But here goes…

  1. Question everything; life, love, religion. Without questions there will never be answers.
  2. Have no regrets; question it later, but know that at the time it was the right choice.
  3. Find something to smile and laugh about every single day.
  4. Return the phone call, text or email. They wont always be there to hear you, make the most of people in your life whilst they are present.
  5. Find joy in the simple things; a book, walk in the rain, a sunrise or the company of an old friend.

I think I shall leave the last word with Ernest Hemmingway, the man makes sense.

Before you

I need to tag some amazing parent bloggers to keep this going, off to check who hasn’t yet participated before tagging!

In the meantime see the post that started it all over at Mummy From The Heart


  1. Rachel In Real Life13 April 2015 at 20:26

    These are some very good lessons! I am loving these posts.

  2. Ohh number 4 really struct me, I don't think I'm always that great at that and you are right. I also love the Ernest Hemmingway quote. Mich x

  3. All great advice for the boys - you are one awesome mum! Loving the Ernest Hemmingway quote.

  4. The Hemmingway quote is perfect and I'd wholeheartedly agree with all five life lessons. But the first one in particular stikes a chord. Questions are one of the most powerful weapons in any person's armoury - without them we do not discover truths beyond what we see at face value. I'm reminded of another quote I stumbled on recently: "Don't be opinionated, be informed." Anyone can have an opinion, but only those who ask searching questions will be informed. And being informed leads to better decisions in life.


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