Decorating with Driftwood

It’s no secret that I love driftwood. The texture, appearance and unknown history of each piece is as fascinating at it’s unique. Living on the coast I’ve been rather fortunate to stumble across some fabulous pieces of driftwood, I’m amassing a rather impressive stash which is proving very decorative!

It’s not always easy deciding what to ‘do’ with each piece, so I generally just wait until they ‘speak’ to me, sounds wanky I know, but there you go!

One such piece was a wonderfully large piece of wood which after taking an age to dry out completely was screaming out to be made in to something practical.

Using a few tools, some MDF, a few hooks and twine and I had a beautiful, unique photo frame.

driftwood frame and photos

Being a true procrastinator the frames have been empty for way too long, this week I finally sat down and picked a few photos to pop inside.

I love how it fits so snug and perfect on the wall above our stairway, it’s like it was made just for this space in our little home.

Obviously I had to put in some of my favourite photos of my boys, one of the beach and one of the woods with a flower in the middle, all things I love.

driftwood photo frame

I love being able to decorate our home with pieces of nature.


  1. That is beautiful, the photos are lovely and it really does fit perfectly! x

  2. That's lovely Amanda - I would never have thought of that!

  3. So creative Amanda! I love that you found such a practical and attractive use for the driftwood


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