How Does Your Garden Grow

I have a tree!

My awesome In Laws visited us at the weekend and bought me a Peach blossom tree, it will be yonks before I can have a tree house, but every Spring I shall have my own pretty pink blossom.

All the excited squees.

pink peach blossom

pink peach blossom

The entire garden is taking full advantage of the gloriously warm and sunny weather, everything seems to be bursting in to life.

purple ranunculous

yellow ranunculous

cow slip

cow slip and blues

My log planter is proving an awesome home for these tiny purple flowers.

log planter

Still in awe of these tulips.


On Sunday I saw this bee get down and dirty with daffodils, he was proper shaking his arse all over the flowers to get the pollen, was amazing to watch, it was like my own nature wildlife show.

happy bee

I’m pretty impressed with the various types of daffodils, in this cake tin planter there are at least 3 different types!


No idea where this pale one came from!

white daffodil

The Primroses are all doing amazing, with new buds cropping up underneath the existing flowers.

white primrose

pink primrose

This purple beauty, campanula, is looking gorgeous, the colour is a welcomed pop between the yellow and blue which I seem to have favoured so far.


I was ridiculously excited to see that the yellow Jasmine is finally starting to flower, we’ve had it a few years and it really hasn’t done much, but now it seems to have settled down and there are buds and blooms popping up.

yellow jasmine

The flowers remind me of popcorn!

yellow jasmine

Whilst most things garden related are going well there are a few things which are causing me a twitchy crazy eye…Fat Cat is back, the stupid overweight ball of fur has trampled a bunch of bulbs and broken the stem on my pink hydrangea.

I know it’s irrational but I’m pissed off that some sodding cat damages things I’ve not only paid for but spent time and effort growing, urgh!

Thankfully the rest of the hydrangeas are doing well.

The other frustration is ivy, the neighbour has bundles of the stuff growing up a wall and they do nothing to tame it. It has destroyed the roof on our shed causing rain to get in and destroy more than a few quids worth of tools, grrr!

Cats and ivy, how do I keep them out my garden?

white petal hydrangea

Love these purple petals, I’m sure they will turn blue eventually, I never realised the various stages of colour the petals went through.

purple petal hydrangea

 blue hydrangea

I snapped this photo whilst at the garden centre picking up my blossom tree, I really do need a field of Cosmos in my life.

Pink and white cosmos

It may have taken me a while and more than a few sacrificial plants but I think I’ve finally found my green thumbs.

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. Becky Goddard-Hill16 April 2015 at 11:50

    Well it all looks fabulous!

  2. I just enjoyed a feast of colours and textures reading your post. Beautiful! Oh isn't spring just wonderful.

  3. *double green thumbs up*

    Cats and ivy.... flamethrower? I jest ye feline lovers, obvs *crosses fingers*

    We have a similar problem with next doors ivy- I have to do a month ivy recon along the fence. We put the fence up ourselves a couple of years back and I'll be buggered if I'm going to let it get wrecked by the ivy behemoth. I should really just go round and politely ask if they mind cutting it back but no, terribly British me...

    Loving the colour POWS in this post - that a Ranunculus I spy? GORG *happy sigh*

    Love live the sunshine! Thanks for joining in again oh blooming wonder x

  4. How lovely to have a peach tree. My husband bought me one some years ago but we are too far north for it to survive the winter. With all your sunshine I'm sure it will do well.

  5. i love your garden Amanda. it is always so filled with color and all different kinds of flowers. and peach blossom tree? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  6. Ooh the blossom on your new tree is just beeauuutifullll. Such a lovely post of colour

  7. It made me laugh that peach blossom tree = treehouse. I like your thinking! The cosmos are beautiful :)

  8. Awesome colour!! I love that peach blossom, so so pretty :) No idea on the cat or ivy front, but they are both a royal pain in the bottom :(

  9. Loving your optimism about having a tree house :) perhaps you could have a fairy tree house much sooner? Feeling your pain with the ivy too - it's a real pain, we have lots of ivy in our garden and I give it a couple of hard trims every year to keep it under control as I've not found an effective way of getting rid of it without a LOT of digging. My neighbour though is training it along the trellis and doesn't keep it under control and it crowds out my nice plants (honeysuckle & jasmine) so occasionally I have to have a sacateur accident... the ivy is particularly susceptible to this I find, I don't know why... [innocent face] ;) #hdygg

  10. Beautiful pictures and I love the colours and the bees captured. Fat Cat sounds kinda cute :) Buy some Nepeta as a sacrificial plant.

  11. Amazing photos! I love how gardens are a microcosm for the joys and frustrations of life.

  12. beautiful photos and such vibrant colours

  13. Beautiful colours in your garden. I have posted a few photos myself of my own garden and the vibrant colours. Your Peach blossom tree is gorgeous. Loving this time of year :)

  14. Oh wow Amanda what a wonderful collections of blooms you have now - I adore all the colour. Must be amazing to have your own blossom tree though, it looks fabulous. Love those tulips, took a close-up of one recently - just gorgeous :)

  15. my goodness. you really do have so many amazing blooms right now. what a garden!

  16. Catherine @ Growing Family19 April 2015 at 15:51

    So many flowers! It's all looking so lovely and looked-after - proof that brown thumbs can be turned green :)

  17. All your flowers are beautiful. I have to say I am partial to the peach tree blossoms though. Those are gorgeous!


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