Spring Time Bloom

I realise we are only just in to April, but this sums the month up well.

“The sun was warm but the wind was chill. You know how it is with an April day.” ~ Robert Frost

white blossom tree

The first of April saw us out and about prepping for the twins birthday, on our travels there were some pretty signs of Spring.

My most favourite of all is blossom. I have fond memories of being married under the most beautiful blossom trees, clutching a wonderfully fragrant bouquet of blossoms.

white blossom tree

Ahh those Summer days in primary school were so carefree. Sadly the school got rid of the blossom trees, boo hiss.

cherry blossom jam jar

I saw my first magnolia tree up close and personal, whoa to all the crazy beauty it holds.

Magnolia tree

Magnolia tree

Don’t be fooled by the blue sky, it was gosh darn cold when the wind got ya.

Magnolia tree and blue skies

Back home in the garden it’s looking rather windswept, the winds this week have been crazy! Lots of the Spring flowers have been flattened so I decided to snip them and bring them indoors, waste not want not!

gathered from the garden

gathered from the garden

I’ve found a few of these amazing little fellas popping up in the garden, each stem has four flowers popping out from it, there are two more about to pop and bloom behind these flower heads. Amazing!!


These tulips are still blowing my mind, just amazing.


And oh yeah, my ranunculi's is growing, I’m so beyond chuffed at this.


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  1. Magnolia is just epic to see up close isn't it? If you catch one of the huge trees it's mindblowing. Ah the memories of picking up fallen blossom after school as a child to take home to my mum, things like that always stay with you, makes me wonder what our kids will remember.
    Such happy colours in this post - big cheesy grin time here! Thanks for joining in again and enjoy Easter!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous, so vibrant and a sign of things to come. I hope our magnolia is half as gorgeous once it flowers #hdygg

  3. Love the photos particularly those tulips.

  4. Such beautiful photos, it makes me feel better just looking at them

  5. Catherine @ Growing Family4 April 2015 at 07:06

    Fab Spring pictures, I love those tulips! Magnolias are just so magical. You've reminded me that I planted some ranunculus a couple of years ago and they have never flowered, I think I need to try again!


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