Wild about Wildflowers

It seems the older I get the more aware I become of what’s around me, this does makes me wonder what I have missed over the years, but for now I’m grateful for the fact that I’m able to appreciate what surrounds us.

With the slightly warmer, drier and lighter days we’ve been able to get out in the big outdoors and step away from technology and other trappings which seem to clutter our lives.

Whilst I’ve been making the most of our time outside I’ve been more than pleasantly surprised by the amount of wildflowers blooming in abundance all around us.

foraged wildflowers

wildflower posy

Whenever I’ve thought of flowers previously I’ve automatically thought of either store bought, florists or garden flowers and had given little to no thought as to wildflowers and everything they add to our surroundings; they

help maintain a healthy ecosystem

feed and provide homes for insects, birds, mammals and invertebrates

as pollinator plants they support the declining number of bees

help improve air quality

add pops of colour to the landscape

Before tearing up the patch of wildflowers in the corner or the garden, consider leaving them to do their thing and appreciate their wild and free beauty.

wild flower seeds

If your garden is free from wildflowers why not set aside a patch, purchase some seeds and start your own mini wildflower meadow and see their benefits first hand.



wildflowers along a lane

wildflower forget me nots