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I’ve been dabbling in blogging for over 5 years now; during this time I’ve seen bloggers come and go, trends change and the direction of blogging alter dramatically.

Lately I’ve felt bombarded by well meaning posts such as Why no reads reads your blog, Why you weren’t nominated, What you’re doing wrong and so on.

I realise much of what I take from such posts is my interpretation of them, and that is all down to me.

Whilst I recognise such posts are well meaning and only intend to educate and help bloggers grow and develop in an ever increasing pool of bloggers I sometimes feel like they're another reminder of my failings when it comes to blogging.

These posts make me compare my little corner of the web to others. I start to doubt my words, dislike once beloved photos and question my place amongst a sea of bloggers who have more time, money and expertise to perfect their own corners.

I forget the emails I’ve received from parents thanking me for sharing the harrowing journey we had with Ethan and his birthmark.

I forget the support I've received and provided, and continue to receive from friends near and far, with coping with depression.

I forget the positive messages, which never fail to raise a smile, about my parenting skills.

I forget the encouragement I receive when I share my crafty endeavors.

I forget all the wonderful messages I’ve received and friends I’ve made through this little corner of the web.

And I need to stop forgetting.

I need to remember why I started blogging, and why I continue to blog. It’s not for rankings, nominations or sponsors. It’s because of the difference I’ve made to people, myself included, via my ramblings.

I may not have the most professional blog, my spelling and grammar often leave a lot to be desired, I can’t be bothered waiting for sunny days to take photos, I swear a bit and really do seem to ignore all the advice on making my blog more appealing, but…it’s my blog, and I’m damn proud of what I’ve achieved.

Next time I start to doubt myself, I shall remember the following...

Blogging motivation

Mum of Three World


  1. Hear hear! I love your blog and one of the reasons for that is because it's so unique. Many of the blogs out there these days are very similar and those 'helpful' posts are also very similar to one another. Keep doing what you're doing and enjoy it. X

  2. That quote is spot on. Ultimately you are the only person who matters.

    As a blogger who has written many of the types of posts you mention, I would actually agree with that statement even more. Tips and advice are great for many sections of the blogging community but I would be the first to recognise they're not for everyone - but then that is true of anyone's posts. (For instance, there are some great bloggers I follow who do a lot of food/recipe posts, which I skip over as it's not what I'm interested in as a blogger, even though I'm a real foodie myself.)

    One of the lessons I'm always preaching is that there is no point writing solely for other people or trying to imitate others because you perceive them as good/successful. Every blogger's unique skill is that they are the best person at writing about themselves. I think sometimes it's easy for us to forget that in the mad rush to boost stats, followers etc.

    Keep plugging away. People who are interested in what you have to say and the high quality of your photography will always come back to you.

  3. You're spot on! I spend a lot of time on my photos because that's personally what I love to do. And it's a hobby for me. I share little things that I make or like because I think they're nice. I document some of our days out or moments because I'm worried that I'll forget them and also because it might give others ideas for fun days out in the local area. But overall, I blog because I like to. It's a wonderful hobby. I think I'd become a bit disillusioned if it was just for stats, followers, sponsors, etc. It would become a little soulless. But, each to their own.

  4. mummyslittlemonkey1 June 2015 at 23:34

    YOU GO GIRL!!! I totally relate to that feeling of self doubt, but don't forget you've been around for five years which is MUCH longer than most bloggers, so you must be doing something right... right?! :) xx

  5. I think posts like these, that are written from the heart and are introspective are the best parts of blogging. I think the 'how to's' are written not only because bloggers want to help but they're also instant traffic juice as many new and older bloggers alike will google ways to make their work better / more popular / more award friendly. But as you rightly said, that isn't why you nor the majority of bloggers choose to blog. It's for the sense of community, the learning, the sharing, the camaraderie etc. I think your blog has so much to offer and you should be very proud of what you produce xx


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