Handmade Living

There is an immense satisfaction in seeing the physical proof of your own hard work.
Seeing the results of blood, sweat and tears.

In a commercially driven world, where everything is and can be on hand in an instant; taking the time to create something from scratch provides a sense of satisfaction that buying ready made really can’t compare to.

There is and always will be demand and necessity for ready made products.
But, if you ever get the chance, no matter how small scale, you should attempt to create something from scratch.

It could be a windowsill herb garden, a hanging basket of strawberries, a hand-woven wall hanging  or freshly laid eggs from your gaggle of hens.

For the more adventurous there is wood-turning, yarn dying or planting an entire vegetable garden.

Whether you sit down to a breakfast of home laid eggs, place fruit in a home turned bowl, admire flowers sown by your own hands or simply sprinkle some fresh herbs from your own garden on to your dinner, you will find a sense of satisfaction and pride that store brought just can not compare to.

It needn’t take much time, space nor expense to create something wonderful from nothing much, the rewards are well worth it.

What would you consider turning your hand to?

I’ve started a Pinterest board where I’m pinning some ideas for Handmade Living, take a peek and see if anything inspires you.

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