Never too old for ‘firsts’

It’s been a while since we experienced a ‘first’ with Ahren and Ethan, the older they get the fewer and further apart any ‘firsts’ are, yet on a walk around the South Downs last weekend they experienced a rope tyre swing for the first time!

I’m not actually sure who was most excited, them or me!

It was one of those ‘Childhood Must Do’ moments.

rope tyre swing

Ahren on a tyre swing

saturday walk 171

Ethan on a rope tyre swing

I missed out on many of their traditional ‘firsts’ due to being to deeply immersed in depression, getting to experience these unexpected ones is such a joy and although they don’t make up for the ones I’ve missed, it’s wonderful to experience them with my boys.


  1. Donna Wishart4 May 2015 at 23:05

    Oh it looks like they had such a great time - such happy faces!! x

  2. Amanda... I haven't stopped by in a while... so sorry. Life is manic!! But OH MY!! Your boys! They have got SO BIG!! So glad you got to experience this milestone and really enjoy it!

  3. There really is nothing better than a simple tyre swing is there? Love how much fun your boys are having! x


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