No Fuss Easy S’mores

I love s’mores.

Biscuit, chocolate and marshmallow…what isn’t there to love?

Whilst we don’t have graham crackers and we’ve never made them over a fire we do have our own simple and, if I say so myself, deliciously yummy version of s’mores.

It’s so easy that they don’t even really deserve a blog post to share them with    you, but for the post I’d need photos, and then, well I get to eat to s’mores.

So yeah, I’m sharing with you the simplest recipe ever, because it means we have an excuse to eat more s’mores!

Rightho, let’s get cooking…

Take one digestive and smother it in Nutella, yes Nutella, no other chocolate spread will do.

Take another digestive and smother it in Fluff.

Being careful not to accidentally eat either smothered digestive, press both smothered biscuits together.
Smoosh gently, but not so hard that all the filling oozes out.

Now you need to run away from the children so you can eat your naughty treat in peace and quiet, my children have been known to turn feral and rip a s’more from my hand!

I advise you eat no more than one of these bad boys at a time, in the interests of research I attempted 2 and I felt a tad bit ill. Oh and they’re maybe a little bit bad, in the non healthy way, for you.


  1. Never heard of s'mores! These look awesome and we have a tub of that marshmallow stuff that I had no idea what to do with - winner! x

  2. No way! The proper ones are heated over a fire and the marshmallows go all gooey, which sounds amazing but I'm way too impatient for that!
    Hope you enjoy them x


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