The Simple Things ~ A Time Out

As much as I adore being a mama to my two crazy kids, there are times when I’ve had enough.

Yesterday was once such morning, I’d gone to bed at 5pm the evening before with a stonking headache which was even worse when I awoke to get the kids ready for school. Of course they didn’t care, being more concerned with crust or no crust on their sandwiches, which hat to wear and the all import “do I really need to wear pants to school?” argument.

all the daisys

Eventually I handed the children over to the teacher on the school bus and rather than feel a sigh of relief that I had a few hours childfree I was swamped with thought of my never ending ‘to do’ list…perpetual housework and laundry, calling utilities to sort payments and arrange a boiler inspection, sort dates for family visits, check meds and make appointments, finish any one of the seemingly 100’s of unfinished projects, start packing for our weekend away, await delivery of a parcel (which never turned up) decide on dinner and oh so many things which keep my hours full and family life ticking on.

My headache ramped up a few notches and I just thought “sod it, sod it all”, so I popped indoors grabbed my “proper” camera, bought a full fat can of Coke and headed to the park for some much needed me time.

It’s not often I get to visit the park without my cheeky chaps, who would much rather clamber on the climbing frames than take a gentle stroll around the gardens just enjoying the peace and quiet, and it turned out to be just what I need to clear my head a little and get a respite from the vomit inducing headache. (sorry tmi)

between the trees

pebbled path

shadows on maple leaves

There are times when we need to just walk away from it all and concentrate on ourselves for a bit, everything else will still be there when you get back, but hopefully, you’ll have a clearer head to process it all.

Whilst my stroll around the park didn’t magic away my nasty headache, it certainly gave me a lovely and much welcomed reprieve, something I need to remember as we prepare for yet another week off school.


  1. Beautiful photos....
    We all need a break from everything now and again.
    I hope you're head is feeling better now x

  2. Glad that you enjoyed having that time to yourself during your walk even if it didn't help with the headache and your photos are beautiful. Hope your headache is now better too.


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