Wilderness Wood

A few weeks ago we headed to Wilderness Wood, 62 acres of woodland where the Moorish family are ‘creating a ‘school’ of self-reliance where adults and children make what they need to flourish from the resources to hand’, I think I fell in love with the place!

The boys weren’t even out the car and they were all ready itching to go exploring in the woods, they got a little distracted by the most amazing swing and zip line.

swing and zipline

Once we managed to drag them away from the zipline they were leading the way through the trees…

where we found this rather handy list of trees,

types of tree in the grove

lets be honest, to most of us a tree is just a tree unless it a Christmas tree!

two boys on an adventure

giant trees

a secret path

woodland stools

The boys and I were delighted to find lots of woodland treasure left behind from events held in the woods.

These remind me of dream catchers…

woodland dream catcher

woodland dream catcher

Tiny shelters…

woodland shelter

A tiny raft…

tiny raft

A huge nest…

giant nest

An awesome den…

woodland den

We stumbled across possibly the best chair in existence, seriously, how amazing is this!

giants chair

I may have squealed, jumped up and down and flapped my arms like a penguin when I saw this…Christmas trees!

christmas trees

All different sizes and just oh so perfect.

christmas trees

It was amazing to see the working side of the woods, and rather humbling too, it’s easy to just forget where our wood and paper products come from but seeing areas where trees had been felled made me appreciate them just a bit more.

felled trees

felled trees

felled trees

felled trees

It was also great to just let the kids wonder around and discover the place for themselves…

wood carvings

wilderness woods 085

two boys lots of trees

big tree small child

running between the trees

Can we take a moment to just appreciate how amazing this den is!

best den ever

Wilderness woods is definitely a place to visit if you or the kids want to get back to a more natural way of life, even if just for the day, you could even make a stay of it and book a teepee or if you are feeling brave, head in to the woods to one of the wild camping spots which come with fire pit and compost loo!

wilderness woods

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What an amazing place to explore - love those tiny rafts and shelters and that chair is just amazing. Looks like you had a wonderful time :-)

  2. Sara (@mumturnedmom)16 May 2015 at 00:08

    This looks awesome! Like the idea of staying there in a tepee :) The dens are amazing, and I love the little shelters. Looks like you had a fantastic day x

  3. I would love to visit there with my two - looks like some wonderful areas to explore and have fun.

  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona)16 May 2015 at 00:33

    Some great ideas in here, I have been pinning away on so many of my boards, Farmer Nick's "to do list" just grew considerably! That chair and the wonderful swing and toadstool seats, I've wanted these for the fairy garden forever! I'd love to take the family here, a great place and a great message too. thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  5. Wow, this looks like a wonderful place to visit. Oh my son would love to stay in one of the wild camping spots. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  6. Wow, this sounds fantastic. Just like Rushmere park that's near us http://fit2thrive.co.uk/2015/04/exploring-rushmere-park/ with a giants chair and fairy trail. If I'm ever nearby I will have to take my family to wilderness woods. They will absolutely love it. #countrykids

  7. Looks and sounds fantastic. Great adventures to be had by all. :-)


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