3am Reflections

The middle of the night, when everyone else is asleep seems an apt time for a spot of reflection.

The house is peaceful, the humming of the fridge replaces the squeals and giggles of excitable little boys.

The faint glow of the street lamps barely touches what was earlier basking is glorious sunshine.

The rumble of the washing machine is replaced with soft snores and contented sighs.

sleeping Ahren sleeping Ethan 

The numerous jobs I inevitably didn’t get round to finishing no longer seem that important.

The flowers which had opened up to welcome a new day are now hiding from the moonlight, and I’m here with my ol’ friend insomnia.

I could make plans, or lie in bed getting bored and frustrated at the lack of sleep, I have on similar nights done house work or dabbled in some type of craft.

midnight crafting

I think tonight though, I shall go give my little boys a kiss night night, tuck them in again, and settle down with a book and a cuppa.

All the while being thankful for my little family, and appreciating these quiet moments when I can truly appreciate my lot in life.

I shall of course be a mardy cow when it’s time to get the children ready for school, but there’s always coffee for that!


  1. I too do all of my thinking at night.. and pay for it in the morning when I struggle out of bed ;) I hope you got enough sleep!

  2. I love doing this too, going into the children's rooms early morning, watching them sleep and tucking them back into bed. It's these moments when you want to freeze time! I'm a night time person too,although 2am is probably the latest I roll into bed if I want to have a fighting chance of being able to function the next day!
    Cute post. xx

  3. Izzie Anderton19 June 2015 at 14:21

    Hope you enjoyed your book and your cuppa and managed to get a little more sleep x


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