How does your garden grow

I’ve always found the different stages of plant life fascinating, especially when they coexist all within one plant at the same time.

I’ve been waiting eagerly for our Honey Suckle to flower, we planted this years ago when it was just a tiny sprig and really rather unimpressive, but gradually over the years its grown and we get a yearly bunch of blooms.

The stages of Honey Suckle flowers

Honey Suckle in bud

Honey Suckle in bloom

Honey Suckle in bloom

Honey Suckle in bloom

The Honey Suckle isn’t the only plant to be showcasing her many different faces all at once.

getting ready to bloom

All wrapped up tight

No idea what this one is, but I just love them, they’re like little sun bursts!

Sun burst

Whilst I’ve been admiring the lovely flowers I’ve also been mindful of the bugs and such that call our garden their home, helping them make little habitats where I can.

Pieces of driftwood wodged in the trellis…


Old spades…

Old spade

I’ve placed driftwood, off cuts and woodland pickings beneath tall grasses…

Somewhere for the bugs

And kept the bird feeders stocked, until they come and eat it all.

Bird feeders

I’m doing rock all for the snails but the sneaky sods are everywhere, doesn’t help that the boys have adopted one and called it Gary.

Thankfully the crunchy shelled sods haven’t gotten to my Poppy flowers.

I really didn’t know if these would grow, I had gathered the seeds from pods I collected last year, I have been most wonderfully surprised by their bloomage.

Wildflower Poppies


There is just something about their delicate determination that I find endlessly fascinating.

Poppy and Poppy seed pods

Poppy in bud

spider on a poppy

I was so ridiculously chuffed when my mum visited this weekend and asked if she could take a flower pot full of Poppies I had grown.

I wanted to bring some nature in doors, so when I spotted these Sweet Williams at the flower stall on the High Street for £1.40 I snapped some up!

sweet williams

The garden in general is ticking along, this time of year it seems to know what it’s doing, which is nice, as I really don’t have much of a clue!



  1. Wow, lovely photos! I love this time of year with so many bright colours in the garden. My honeysuckle has come on leaps and bounds too and so have my poppies. Such amazing structures, I too am in awe at how they look at each stage of growth. :)

  2. Love the poppies, such a vivid colour. My honeysuckle is very disappointing this year, not sure what's gone wrong. Lovely photos.

  3. 10/10 for the use of the word 'wodged' !

    I love seeing the honeysuckle in order like that, so clever. I have been itching to find poppies this week. I did see a few last weekend but then a gust of wind came and blew all their petals away, in a flash, literally there one minute and all gone the next! They weren't even my poppies but I was left feeling bereft!
    Sweet Williams are lovely aren't they? Jealous of how surrounded you have been with flowers this week!
    I must buy some tomorrow- must must must!

    Thank you for joining in again my bug saving chum x

  4. As you know I love that shot of the different stages of the honeysuckle - I must look into planting some here for next year. Beautiful captures.

  5. Oh I just love that photograph of the honeysuckle and the different stages of its bloom! This is a lovely post :-)

    As for snails. We found copper surrounding all the plants to be very helpful last year along with beet traps :-)

  6. I've never thought about the stages of plant growth like that but you're right! We've had Sweet Williams on the coffee table all week - they are lovely flowers and so cheap too. Honeysuckle is on my wishlist, smells beautiful.

  7. Catherine Hughes21 June 2015 at 08:05

    Fab shot of the honeysuckle, I can almost smell it :) I love all your little wildlife homes, just goes to show you don't need to make big changes to make a difference. I'm with you on the snails though - no love lost for those in my garden either!

  8. the poppies look gorgeous and the first photo is fab, of the honeysuckle and its differnet stages


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