How to make a flower and petal press

I’m sure I must have done petal or flower pressing when I was at school, not that I can remember, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

With the abundance of Spring and early Summer flowers in bloom it seems only right to preserve some of the gorgeous petals.

flowers and petals for pressing

Having had a quick lookie loo as to what was required to press petals and flowers I was a little disheartened by all the steps and equipment needed; seriously, some of the guides and kits available were just too much!

Being a simple living kinda gal I wanted something quick, wouldn’t cost a small fortune and would be easy to complete, and thus I’ve knocked together my own petal press.

how to press petals

To make your own flower press you need the following materials; two pieces of wood, 2 pieces of cardboard, 2 pieces of thick paper (I used cartridge paper), 4 butterfly bolts and a bunch of petals and flowers to press. Oh, and a drill!

flower pressing

Mark each corner of the wood pieces and using the drill add holes to each corner. Make sure that when layered on top of each other the holes in the wood line up.

Place the bolts in one piece of wood, leaving the heads of the bolts are on the bottom.

Place a piece of cardboard on top of one piece of wood.

pressing flowers

Add a sheet of paper on top of the cardboard, arrange the flowers and petals on the paper.

arranging petals for pressing


Place the other sheet of paper on top of the flowers, add the cardboard then the remaining piece of wood. 

flower press

Place the nuts on the bolts and tighten each one.

petal press assembled

I tend to leave the flower press alone for two weeks or so, this is usually enough time for the petals to dry.

There are oodles of uses for dried flowers and petals, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite ways to use/display them later.