Something new – Woodturning!

I forgot just how exciting it is to learn something new.
Seems the older we get, the less we learn, life gets in the way of introducing new things to our lives just for the sake of it.
But oh what a waste, there is so much left to learn, I’m currently learning all about woodturning.

Not perhaps the obvious choice of pursuits but man oh man is it fun!
There is something incredibly satisfying about taking a lump of wood and turning it in to something beautiful, unique and practical.
All the trees
Coppiced trees
Felled trees
wooden bowl
I’m now starting to dabble in wood carving, which is so fun and amazing, but not so kind on the fingers!
wood carving
This past weekend I made a live edge bowl, I’m pleased as heck as to how it turned out, here’s a quick flick from start to finish.

live edge bowl
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  1. There really is no end to your talents. There's something so beautiful about things made from wood by hand. I hope you keep practicing this new found skill x

  2. Sarah MumofThree World25 June 2015 at 10:01

    That's amazing! Definitely not the most obvious thing to learn, but what a brilliant skill to have :)

  3. Oh my goodness Amanda, this is AMAZING! And I would say, from the little I know of you, that wood-turning is right up your street - challenging, quirky and hugely creative. Well done you. x

  4. That is excellent. Well done. My uncle makes all sorts of things like bird tables and boxes. They sell really well at county fairs and places like that.


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