The awesome blokes

Father figures…where would we be without these amazing men who related or not; influence us, defend us, protect us , annoy us, embarrass us, get rid of spiders, nurture us and do oh so much more for us, most of the time without us even being aware of it.

me and my dad

I’ve been blessed to have many amazing father figures in my life. All have taught me valuable lessons and each one has left a lasting impression on how I live.

These are just a few to whom I will be eternally thankful.

The first man is obviously my own dad, a complicated man who died before his time and way before I had time to appreciate all that he was.

Oh how I wish I’d known him more. I wish he was still here to teach me about parenting, and what I’m supposed to do on this crazy ride called adulthood. He could be a mardy sod, but he was my biggest defender all whist being embarrassing as hell.

All those times I thought he was being an arse he was just being my dad; not giving in to every demand and tantrum, helping me be the best me.

He made me realise just how short life is and how important it is to live it whilst you can. It’s because I miss him so much that I want to ensure my own children grow up knowing just how lucky they are to have their own amazing daddy.


My granddad Bob. He was awesome. He made the best bacon butties, could carry us down the stairs slung over his shoulder and bought the best fish and chips every Friday. It’s hard to sum him up in a few words; he was a friend to so many and lived a rather selfless life, even if he did insist that everything stop for a cuppa tea at 4pm. He welcomed me in to his home when I was kicked out the family home and pushed me to make decisions which led me right where I was supposed to be.

He made me realise, years after he died, how life can be simple yet still amazing, that striving to keep up with others is a waste of precious days.


S. Creswell. I worked along side this man for many years, he came in to my life not long after my dad died and helped me through one of the darkest times. He listened, made me laugh, told me off when I was being reckless, fixed my TV and offered unwavering support when I needed it. When I had a crap boyfriend he didn’t mince his words in telling me to get rid of him, when I needed pushing to better myself he gave me a shove, he made me realise for the first time that you can have more than one father figure.


My father in law, he’s a fiercely protective family man. Seeing him come to aide of his children over the years has been humbling and I’ll admit, at times I’ve been jealous and felt the absence of my own father all the more. He’s a gruff, sweary kinda a man, but you know where you stand with him and he will always do anything for anyone, my boys are so very lucky to have him as their Doopa. And I’m lucky that my hubs has been influenced by such a great bloke.


Hubs, I couldn’t have wished for a better man to be the father of my children. He’s everything and more they could ever need, even when they don’t agree I know he’s got their best interests at heart.

Being a parent isn’t always easy, but there is no one I’d want to stumble through it with other than him.


So, thank you.

Thank you to the men in my life who have helped me grow in to the somewhat sane/normal person I am today, you tried your best, the rest was down to me.