Unexpected Delights ~ Keston Ponds

Often times the best moments are the unexpected ones.

No plans, no expense and no expectations, just simply enjoying whatever happens.

This is how we found ourselves at Keston Ponds on the way home a few weeks ago.

I absolutely fell in love with the place.

Keston Ponds, between the trees

Gorgeous meadows of grass and wildflowers and ponds full of life.

Keston Pond

The boys were in their element just pootling around.

keston ponds

They were impressed by the wildlife, lots of ducks!

keston pond ducks

all the ducks

Some colourful Dragonflies.

keston ponds dragon flies

And plenty of trees to clamber over, climb and hide behind.

tree stumps

climbing tree

Keston Pond path

But best of all were the meadows, colourful flowers, tall grass and lots of space to run and spin!

wildflowers meadow

play time

time for tag


exploring the meadow


There were lots of lovely winding trails to explore.

going on an adventure


Ahren picking his mama some flowers

country trail


country trails

There was also an ice cream van! Yay!

Ahren and his ice cream


The boys loved it, as did I.

If you ever get the chance; pack a picnic and head over to Keston Ponds, it’s such a lovely open space.

keston ponds


mossy log

rhododendron buds

Ravens Bourne Spring

rhododendron wild flower

sunlight on keston ponds

wild flowers

wild flowers

I wanted one of those fancy, artistic shots of them laying in the grass, but I got this instead. They are hopeless at staged photos.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Love the photos of the boys running about in the meadows, they look like they were having a wonderful time and the ice-cream looked like it went down very well! I love the photos of the dragonflies too - what a lovely place to explore.

  2. Totally agree. Our best outings are usually free and unstructured. Nothing like seeing the children enjoy the space. I can almost hear your boys giggling as they run through the meadow. Absolutely perfect. #CountryKids

  3. Coombe Mill (Fiona)13 June 2015 at 10:46

    I love the look of Keston Ponds, it is full of such natural beauty and your photos show it off so well. I love the photos of your boys playing and running together, these are the ones to treasure, mine won't do staged ones either, or if they do they look so unnatural I don't use them! than you for sharing such a beautiful spot on Country Kids

  4. This looks like such a beautiful place to explore and the boys look like they had a great time! x

  5. I used to live spitting distance from Keston Ponds when I was growing up and its where all the teens used to go in cars to make out! ;-)


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