A Wildflower Walk

How often do you take notice of what is growing on the roadsides and verges?

As I pootled along today I was blown away by the sheer variety of wildflowers which had made these untamed patches of land their home.

The burdock flowers added a prickly yet purple splash of colour.

Burdock flower

Burdock flower

I can’t decide if these are elderberry bushes or not, but whatever they are, they added a delicate spattering of white, they also proved to be very popular with the bees!

Elderberry, maybe

Elderberry, maybe

Elderberry, maybe

The red valerian is perfectly lovely with its fluffy mop heads billowing in the breeze, these are still waiting to bloom in their full bloomage.

red valerian

There were patches of “carpet” made from these pretty purple flowers, the common mallow flower.

common mallow flower

These yellow flowers broke up the various grasses with their lushness.

yellow wild flowers 

Amongst all the flowers and grasses there were plenty of fungi sprouting up, which seem early, but ehh I guess nature doesn’t really work to a hard and fast schedule.



There were plenty of familiar flowers popping up…



Obviously the wildlife made the most of all the flowers, I was stoked to see a heron, can you spot it?

spot the heron

I was a little surprised to see that some of the blackberry bushes were already producing ripe berries, seems way early this year.

blackberry bush

blackberry bush in bloom

blackberry bush

blackberry bush flowering

The trumpet flowers were everywhere, these remind me of little fairy hats!

white trumpet flower

white trumpet flowers

I didn’t gather any wildflowers, but my walk did inspire me to gather some wildflowers from our own garden.

home grown wildflowers

It always amazes me just how close to nature we really are, yet most of us probably ignore it in our rush to get to the next important thing, next time your out and about, take a moment to look around.