An Unplanned Summer

The Summer break can be daunting.

Six weeks in which you become “responsible” for providing enough entertainment and education for your children to prevent the dreaded “I’m bored” being uttered at hourly intervals.

For many parents the knee jerk reaction seems to be filling those six weeks up with as many days out and activities as possible, especially if there is no holiday booked.

But, I say, whoa, hold up on all the planning.

unscheduled summer

I’ve found the plans and schedules hard to maintain; what I think we may like doing 4 weeks from today is often very different to how we actually feel on that day. The weather might suck, tummies may be upset or a best friend has invited your child to the bestest party ever, which they just can’t miss or they will just die!

So rather than have  6 weeks of activities planned down to the last minute, I’m taking a laid back, tentative and flexible approach. We have a bunch of places and people we want to visit, and we will. We also have a bunch of activities we’d like to experience, but again, we’re approaching these with a flexible attitude.

Something's will take a little planning, but I’d rather plan one or two days than even contemplate trying to fill up every single day.

I plan on giving my children lots of unstructured time, not because I’m lazy, but because they have these wonderful things called imaginations.

I want to them to explore their world and find  the interesting and exciting things which capture their imaginations. I want them to explore bugs in the garden, build a fort, zoom along on their skate boards, explore rock pools and lose themselves in books and painting.

I expect we’ll hear “I’m bored” once in awhile, they are children after all, but I fully intend with a nudge here and there, to encourage my boys to find ways to entertain themselves.

Are you going for a structured Summer break or a more laid back one?


  1. I have planned playdates with friends and days out on most of the weekdays I'm not working as I am more motivated when I have plans AND there are so many people we don't get a chance to see during term time. Our weekends will be far more laid back though and the days I'm at work and Hubby has them will be relaxed too :) x

  2. Oh this sounds like a lovely mix, hope you all have a wonderful Summer break x


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