Hurry Up, Slow Down

Hurry up baby, we can’t wait to meet you

Slow down baby, you’re only a month old and already so different

newborn twins

Hurry up baby, mama and papa need to sleep again

Slow down baby, we’re not ready for crawling

Hurry up baby, we want to see your first steps

Slow down baby, you’re too quick!

Hurry up baby, we want to hear your voice

Slow down baby, you’re making no sense

Hurry up baby, feeding time is messy

Slow down baby, milk time snuggles are precious

Hurry up baby, your big bed is waiting

Slow down baby, those stairs are scary

Hurry up baby, lets go on an adventure

Slow down baby, your fearlessness is terrifying

Hurry up baby, learning is fun

Slow down baby, I don’t want you to know about that

Hurry up baby, you’ll make new friends

Slow down baby, I still want to play

And that’s where I’m at. They’re growing up and away, I’m caught between wanting the next stage to arrive and wanting to hold on a little longer to the here and now.

beach boys_thumb[2]

Six years have gone in no time, they’ve just met their Yr 2 teacher, and I’m wondering how on earth the years have passed by so fast.

It’s time for this mama to stop wishing the days away, or reminiscing about the past, and just enjoy the here and now.


  1. I am right there with you. I can't wait for Little Man to learn, to talk more, to potty train and to go off to preschool. LP to go to school, to make new friends and to learn all the academic things but I want to hold on to every single moment too x


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