Sunny Days & Rainy Afternoons

We’ve only just started the Summer break and already hit the beach twice, living so close means it’s our “go to” place.

beach essentials

One day it was wonderfully bright and sunny. The kids had a blast splashing in the water, chasing each other in the sand and generally messing about.


digging sand

little boys big sky

sea gazing

sea splashing

The boys even managed to gather a few wildflowers for their mama.

wildflower posy

It’s was a day where we did nothing special, spent no money and yet still had a wonderful time.

The next afternoon it was overcast and slightly chilly, but we’re beach lovers and don’t show our appreciation on only the sunny days, so in our shorts, jumpers and flip flops we hit the beach.

And it started raining.

The beach cleared in seconds.

Ahren showing how ridiculously clever children actually are declared “It’s only rain, it’s not going to hurt us, we can still play”

And play we did.

wise words from Ahren

bro hug

hey bro

rain at the beach

I’m always amazed at peoples reaction to a little rain, I’d much rather spend an afternoon playing in the rain than be stuck indoors.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. I second that. How great that your boy knows it too. I love days like this, where it is all about the experience, discovering and the joy of playing.#CountryKids

  2. Such fab photo's, looks like you had great fun. I would love to live by the sea..Maybe one day!
    Becky x

  3. I love your sentiment on the rain, so long as it isn't lashing down I totally agree, it makes drying off with a hot chocolate all the more special! Living so close to the sea is such a benefit, who needs to spend money with entertainment like this. I hope you have many more days here over the holiday. Thank you for joining me for Country Kids.


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