Wilderness in London #2 ~ Country Kids

It’s not often that I’ve stopped to view an area during different seasons, usually I’m “too busy” to really take notice, so when we stayed in London with the grandparents for a weekend it was a total eye opener to take the boys back to the local park.

The changes were vast and colourful, the boys were amazed to see trees which had been bare mere weeks before full of leaves.

a few weeks difference

lush and leafy

Rose bushes which had been bare twigs of thorns now displayed beautiful blooms.

yellow rose

peach rose

River banks were full of lush grasses, brambles and the odd flower.

strolling along the river bank

river bank in bloom

river banks in bloom

river banks

Ducks were fed.

feeding the ducks


sunshine on the river

Pigeons chased.

pigeon chasing

Wishes were made.

make a wish

But most of all, Ahren and Ethan gained an appreciation for the changes of Spring to Summer whilst enjoying the freedom run and play.

I also learnt a valuable lesson… Never ever crouch down in stinging nettles to pick up a bag your kid dropped in the river whilst wearing you favourite pair jeans which have a rip in the butt. It hurts!!

Nature is beautiful but painful at times!

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  1. Was this the same place that one of them fell in last time? Not having much luck with things going in the river!

    I love when all the flowers and leaves are out, everything looks so lush. It really looks like a lovely getaway place. #countrykids

  2. So sorry I had to giggle at the last comment, I have had my fair share of stinging nettle stings from doing silly things over the years but that beats them all! A delightful look at the changing seasons and the impression it madeon you all, it is hard to believe it is London! Looks like a lovely time doing simple fun childish things. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  3. Are you sure that's London?! What a great place to visit with kids. Love that it's still possible to find nature and wild areas in big cities. Sorry about the nettles though - that sounds bad! #countrykids

  4. Ouch! That looks like a lovely park to visit, a little gem #CountryKids

  5. One of the little guilty pleasures I get from being a mostly stay at home mum is the amount of time I spend outside rambling around with time to look up and observe the changing seasons. I mean, the kids are *quite* interested, but I really love it!


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