5 More Minutes

It seems like I always need “another 5 minutes”.

Especially when trying to wake up, or sort out my thoughts or actually anything really. An extra 5 minutes tagged on to the end of every task, activity and event would be so bloody helpful. Alas there is no way little ol’ me can persuade those chaps in charge of time to allot an extra 5 minutes to every hour.

So instead I need to add some kind of structure to my days, nothing too serious, this is me after all. I don’t really do the whole “forward thinking” thing, but with big and little changes ahead I need to make the most of my time, in a productive and creative way.

As the children sat down to dinner I took a few minutes to try and put pen to paper and come up with some productive “to do” lists. My list is still empty, despite it being a very lovely list from the even lovelier Rachel over at The Ordinary Lovely.

5 minutes

I did however notice that I’ve kinda completed 4 of the items on the “Sunrise to Sunset Schedule”, which has to be a good sign in introducing more structure to my days.

5 more minutes


But in all seriousness, after so long of not having much in the way of schedules, how do I jump on that bandwagon and become better at managing time and everything I need to do?