A Day Full of Nothing & Everything

I do love an unscheduled day; the kind where you end up traipsing around, walking pathways you’ve only glanced at before, trying something new and just enjoying the lost art of doing nothing much, but still ending the day on a high.

This week we had several of these types of day, here’s the highlights of one.

Our local park has a random rocky area, which proved handy for the boys to clamber over and slide down.

IMG_20150810_120119 my boys

I made a new friend, I so wanted to keep him, not sure his owner would be happy but oh my gosh….those ears!

my new friend

The boys were in their element. Climbing, sliding and throwing rocks to see them shatter…perfect for wasting away an afternoon.

climbing climbing

A bunch of trees had been cut down and the smell of sawdust was lush, I was wondering where the wood ended up, would have been excellent for my woodturning projects!

tree stump

rocky trees

The exposed root system on this tree is amazing, and their butts after this scootching were filthy!



IMG_20150810_120917 - Copy


little Ahren

We got a lovely injection of colour from the flowers dotted around the park.

big yellows

wild roses wild roses

It seems this was the day of the week when running ahead was necessary, just how many shots do I have to get of their cheeky butts before I get a lovely shot of their gorgeous faces?

IMG_20150810_122821 - Copy

always running

always running

always running

We had an impromptu game of hide and seek, which they totally suck at!

blue eyes

I love this little abandoned building, so forlorn yet sturdy.

little ol' building

little ol' building

We found a pathway which we had yet to explore, so up the steps and along the pathway we went until we ended up at a poxy golf club, grrrr!

new pathway

pootling up a path

Back down we went until we ended up along a little lane which I just love, it’s left to just do its own thing.

walk along the lane

Ethan pootling along


There were a few signs of autumn along the way, eeek!

signs of autumn

IMG_20150810_133014 IMG_20150810_133035

Heading back through town the boys were crazy impressed with this tree. This part of the trunk of a live tree, which is in a cemetery, just to make it even weirder.

Gnarly tree trunk

This lonesome yet beautiful Poppy really made me smile.


Ahren was much more impressed with his donut than any Poppy.

Ahren and his donut

All in all it was a wonderful day outdoors, no plans, no agenda just pootling along and appreciating what our town has to offer.

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