A Late Summer Flourish

With a month or so of Summer left and rainy days looking to stay for a while, Autumn is muscling her way in already.

Even with Autumn begin to creep in a few flowers are having a resurgence, there’s new blooms  and some eager growth popping up.



The dahlia, a favourite of the snails is fighting back, which is nice as I love these flowers.

snail bitten dahlia

All 3 hydrangeas are having a little growth spurt, considering the poor state they were in earlier this year I’m pleasantly surprised at just how well they are doing, even if it does seem a bit late in the season!

hydrangea hydrangea hydrangea

The honey suckle seems to be most confused, it’s still in flower and making red berries! Best of both worlds for the bees and birds I guess.

Honey suckle flower

Honey suckle berries

Our jasmine is also having a bit of a late flourish, I thought this was done for the year, but it seems it too wants one last hurrah.

white jasmine flowers

The bandana cherry is another that keeps surprising me, every time I think it’s done BOOM, we get  another flourish of little flowers.

bandana cherry

We still have a few poppies, have you ever watched a bee trying to land on one of these? It’s hilarious as the bee is inevitably too heavy for such a delicate flower.

The wildflowers in general seem to be doing well, being left alone seems to work well for these.






I love the dry poppy seed husks nestled in with the flowering poppies.




I’ve also managed to grow my first ever sunflower! There’s another 3 which fingers crossed will also bloom. But for now I’m ridiculously chuffed with this one, seems popular with bees too!

red sunflower

You can see just how busy they’re been from the lack of pollen on the next photo!

red sunflower and bee

Our lavender has also proven popular with our buzzy friends.



The snails this year are doing my noodle, we’ve taken to evening garden patrols to round them up and throw them away. I’m always amazed at just how destructive they are.

baby snail on yellow flower

Between the crazy rain we’ve been having this week we’ve managed to enjoy some bubble time in the garden, flowers and bubbles go so well together!

bubbles and red sunflower

bubbles and flowers

I’ve been gathering and storing seeds these past few weeks, you can read more about that here if you like.

how to harvest seeds

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