Flower Faffing & Hydrangea Stalking

“Mummy, what are you doing?”

“Flower faffing….it’s a thing”

The struggle not to look like a weird flower faffing lady is real.

How delicious are these little toes? They’re just as pretty as the flowers we picked from our garden.

wild flowers and tiny toes

garden wildflowers

wild flowers


Between flower faffing and trying to teach the fart nuggets how to throw a Frisbee I’ve been stalking the neighbourhood hydrangeas. Rather like Spidar {detecting spiders as soon as I walk in to a room no matter where they are, I can detect hydrangeas anywhere! I’ve been amazed by the diversity within hydrangeas, they are a seriously amazing flower.

Hydrangeas at the beach




I very safely dragged the fart nuggets across the road so I could get a snap of this Mc Mazing hydrangea…can we just…whoa!

I just adore the different colours in this one bush, isn’t nature beautiful in it’s work?


And even when they are long past their best, they hold on to some rustic beauty.

Dried Hydrangea

Dried Hydrangea petals

Between hydrangea stalking, frisbee throwing and walking on walls I’ve been kinda tending to the garden, in a “it’s doing its own thing best leave it well alone” style of gardening.

Whilst doing a sterling job of this I plucked a few shonky blooms and others which caught my eye, I never realised how well orange goes with orange!

flower faffing, garden petals

flower faffing, garden petals  flower faffing, garden petals

flower faffing, garden petalsDSCF5096

I know it’s still Summer, and I adore Autumn, but I’m dreading the return of browns and dull greens, must crack on with pressing more petals.