Harvesting Seeds from Your Garden

Who’d have thought I could grow plants and flowers let alone harvest seeds!

garden wildflowers

Not me, that’s for sure. I’ve gone from killing plants just by buying them, to harvesting seeds for next years colourful display.


Seeds today are widely available and pretty inexpensive, but there is something totally satisfying at harvesting then sowing your own, home grown seeds. Plus, any excess make a love gift for family and friends.

wildflower seeds

Harvesting seeds

Once your plant has finished flowering it may produce a husk or seed pod which will appear dry and dull in colour, once this is dry, the seeds are ready to harvest.

IMG_20150722_113821 (1)



Once the pod is dry, remove the stem from the mother plant and store the stem and pod in a dry place until they are thoroughly dry.



When dry the pods will crumple apart in your fingers. Crumple the pods between your fingers until all the seeds have been released. I use a bowl to catch them in, makes the next step much easier.


Remove any pod/husk remnants from the seeds and place in an brown paper envelope, label it with the name of the flower, month and year the seeds were harvested.


Now you need to pop the seed packets in to an airtight container and bung the entire thing in the freezer until you are ready to sow them. When you are ready to sow, remove the container from the freezer and allow it to come to room temperature before you open it. Alternatively, you could forgo the freezer step and keep the seeds in a cool dry place.

Fingers crossed, all goes well and next year you’ll have some seeds all ready to sow and grow!