How Does Your Garden Grow

Spring is to blossom what Autumn is to blackberries.

blossom autumn berries

Well, looks like Summer has packed her beach bag and sodded off to warmer climates, can’t blame her really, alas it seems Autumn is well and truly here to stay.

The great outdoors is embracing the deluge of rain we’ve been having, fruit is popping up everywhere!

spider web and berries

IMG_20150825_120104 IMG_20150821_095021



We’ve enjoyed much of our Summer just out and about enjoying open spaces, watching the seasons slowly merge in to one another, I’m glad we made the most of the dry days.




I couldn’t leave out these hydrangeas we saw on our walks, love the contrast of one fresh in bloom and the other beginning to turn, both are equally pretty blooms.

hydrangea hydrangea

The rain this week has been horrendous, even I the gal who loves jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain is a little fed up of it all, I had to pluck a few flowers from the garden just to add some colour to our lives, there is only so much grey I can handle.

rainy day flower faffing