Happy Birth–Day

As I sit here nursing my pre birthday Jack Daniels and coke I feel the need to say thank you to my ma and pa.

birthday drinks

The last few weeks have been spent dodging the obligatory pre birthday question “what would you like for your birthday?”, I never have an answer, I’m awful at letting people know what I would like. Wise words from my nana always stop me from asking for anything frivolous… ”Never ask for more than you need”, and really I don’t need anything, there may well be a list of things I’d like, but I don’t actually need them.

So whilst I’ve been avoiding the questions as to what I want for my birthday I’ve decided I want to get my mama something for my birthday, because honestly, I wouldn’t be here with out her.

(I would include my dad, but he went and died on us a while a go, so I shall raise a glass to him later)

It’s a wonder I’m even here in the first place; between my dad being deployed and my mama looking after my 3 older siblings it’s almost a miracle that their schedules coincided and BOOM made me!

But here I am.

I may not have always made the right choices, man oh man have I made some doozie mistakes, but somehow I’ve managed to stumble my way to being a somewhat decent person.

I’ve met and snagged a wonderful man; he can be cantankerous, snorey and plain ol’ pain in the arse but underneath it all he is my lobster, my Spanky who I would be lost without.

I’m mama to the two most amazing, incredible and downright adorable children, without whom life would be meaningless.

Throughout the years I’ve met, loved, lost and found inspiring people who have inspired me for years to come.

I’ve probably caused them more stress, worry and sleepless nights than my brother and sisters combined, for which I can only apologise, but I like to think we’re at a good place now.

Nothing I’ve achieved would be possible without my ma and pa; we haven’t always had an easy relationship, but everything I am and everything I have is thanks to them; the lessons they taught me and the life they gave me, so…

thank you mum and dad for making me, me. Happy Birth-day to my parents, sorry I was a cow bag for a while, but I totally blame Sam xx

(ps. your present in in the post, mwah)