Home-grown Wanderlust

Some days I get pangs of wanderlust, alas the family and home keep my feet on the ground and the passport tucked away, so I have to content myself with solo jaunts close to home to ensure I’m back in time for school pick up.

Sometimes I go no further than the beach, finding solace in the waves lapping on the beach, my toes sinking in the sand or the beauty which heralds the start of a new day.

sea view

Other times I head a little further a field, sometimes getting lost and just wandering around until I recognise something which will lead me back homewards.

Last week when the boys returned to school after a seven week break I just had to get out the house. It was too quiet and I was just too lonely without my little sidekicks underfoot.

The urge to get out and explore hit hard so off I went.

It’s easy to get complacent with our local areas, we see the same things day after day, that after a while we simply forget to see anything.

This solo jaunt was just what I needed to remind myself that right on my doorstep are plenty of areas to feed my wanderlust cravings and that I live in a wonderfully beautiful area.

south downs

wild flowers

low tide and cliffs


I found the best spot for shells, love how these delicate beauties can tumble around across the seas, being washed up on beaches and still remain uniquely wonderful.

sea shells

wild flowers

cliff edge

IMG_20150907_132054 IMG_20150907_132759

autumn leaves

red berries

It was so good to get out without the kids trying to pull me in different directions, being able to follow the path I wanted without having to bribe the children to walk away from the ice cream stand.

Turned out as much as I was missing the kids, a trip out on my own was just what I needed.