How To – Create Inexpensive Polaroid Photos

I love Polaroid style photos, I’m not sure if it’s because they remind me of my younger days flicking through family photo albums, the ability to add little notes or whatever but there is something rather charming about Polaroid photos.

Except for the price! Having a mooch around I was slightly dismayed at the cost of having my photos printed as Polaroid's.

I did find one company who will print 42 Polaroid style photos for under £12 but their blatant policy of allowing customers to upload and print photos which obviously belong to someone else doesn’t sit well with me and they are an automatic no for me. Before anyone starts jumping up and down, I do realise that once our photos are out *there* we have little control over them, but there is no need for a company to make theft that easy!


Anyhoo, if you fancy Polaroid photos without crazy costs and are prepared to put in a little effort here’s how I got 40 Polaroid photos for £8.99 p & p included.

1. Use Picmonkey to turn your photos in to Polaroid style photos.


Upload your photo as usual, make any edits you feel necessary and then go to “Frames” from the drop down menu select Polaroid Frame. Your image will now be cropped inside a wonky Polaroid frame, use the Rotate slider to centre your image. You can tinker with the Effect Fade to give the image a vintage feel.

Once you are happy with the image hit Apply to save the changes.

You can also add text or other images to the Polaroid for some personalisation, which is super handy if you don’t like your own handwriting!!


Once you are happy with the image, hit Save and repeat the process for each photo you want Polarised.

2. Next up you need to select a photo printing service, there are a ton out there but I went with Photobox, we’ve used them before and have always been happy with their products.

I uploaded all my photos to my Photobox account. Then using the create product option selected size and finish of the prints.

IMPORTANT…Select the Shrink to fit option, this way you get the white Polaroid style borders.

Another important step is to check the image quality, a green smiley face is what you want.


Once you have uploaded, quality checked and selected the Shrink to fit option for all your photos add to basket, pay and await your delivery.

It doesn’t take long at all to follow these steps, promise.

3. Jump around in giddy excitement when your prints arrive on the door mat.

before resizing photos to make polaroids

4. Using a guillotine or some sharp scissors trim the top and bottom of each photo, you will see where the Polaroid frame starts and finishes, use this as a cutting guide.

resizing photos to make polaroids

Making zoom noises as you swipe the guillotine over the photos is entirely optional.

resizing photos to make polaroids

resizing photos to make polaroids

5. Keep going until all photos are trimmed.

before and after of making polaroid photos

In the above pic you can see the size difference once they have been snipped, it’s not much but makes all the difference.

photos trimmed in to polaroid frames

6. Once they are all snipped you can set to on personalising and displaying the Polaroid's.

personalising polaroid photos

Once you are happy with them, pin them up, pop them in an album or whack them on the fridge!

I do realise this is a little time consuming, but I found it well worth spending a little time on editing photos to get a product I knew I’d be happy with, I had a think and these are the pro’s and con’s of this method.


Ability to fully edit and quality control each photo, some Polaroid services upload straight from your social media accounts without giving you the option to edit, gah!

No need to allow 3rd party access to Instagram or Facebook accounts, very handy for those that want to print images which aren’t even in your Insta or FB album.

No limit on number of images printed, I’ve  noticed many Polaroid services have minimum quantities… x for £9.99 etc this frustrates me no end.


Can be a little time consuming, altogether the editing, uploading and cropping of the photos took under an hour, which isn’t that long, but obviously longer that just uploading to a Polaroid photo service.

I’m off to display our summer photos!

*I must thank Mrs Plucky Stickz for this idea after coming to the rescue when I was pondering which photo service to go with*

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