Proud Mama

This week is proving more than a little difficult for Ahren and Ethan, they are both so ready for Half Term to begin.

We’ve had tears, tantrums and little boys strops but throughout all the hooha my boys still manage to make me one proud mama.

Ahren went to school on Monday in tears; he’s over tired and just at the point of fed upness that school holds no appeal, my mama heart broke when he tearful told me ‘I just want to spend the day with you’. But my little guy was all smiles once he flung himself off the school bus; he’s being made a school councillor! He gets to wear a yellow polo shirt, not the white ones, and will be attending meetings with other school councillors, teachers and the head teacher to discuss school issues.

The reason he was elected one of two councillors for his year was due to his kindness, my mama heart was one big puddle of smooshy, huggy love for my boy.

Ethan was a little bummed that he wasn’t chosen, but soon cheered up once he realised Ahren would be missing the odd play time to attend meetings, ahh the fickle world of a 6 year old.

My boys then slayed me, on my goodness, is there anything cuter than random unexpected ‘thank you’ notes from your children?

love you daddy

This week they’ve had all the love for their daddy, they both wrote him a note, thanking him for the tv in their bedroom and for letting them up in the loft room, which is usually out of bounds for them both. The notes were so unexpected and just utterly adorable, I sometimes worry that their daddy feels left out, working as hard as he does he misses out on a lot, which I guess I just take for granted, so the boys writing him notes was just perfect.

I just melted when I saw that Ethan had signed his note with ‘love beethy bops’, no idea where the name came from but we’ve called him Beefy Bops since he was a baby, ahhh the cuteness!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a little thing like a spontaneous thank you note or being made a school councillor, my boys always manage to make me proud.