Embracing Autumn

Sitting here on a frankly dismal afternoon it’s easy to mistake autumn as a dark and dreary month. The lights are on before 5pm, the sun barely seems to rise above the roof lines and there is a chill in the air that struggles to leave.

It’s taken me a while, getting older certainly has changed my outlook, but I’ve realised there is so much to appreciate about autumn, not least the excuse to wear cosy sweaters and fluffy socks.

Things to appreciate about autumn

Cosy Evenings

Soft blankets, candles lit, hot cuppa, perhaps the log fire burning and cosying up with a loved one, just one reason to enjoy the chill evenings this time of year, even better if it’s raining outside.

Home Baking

There is something about this time of year which has me eager to get back in the kitchen and baking up a storm. Cinnamon infused cookies or muffins are a must.

enjoying autumn

Jumpers & Cardigans

I literately jump for joy when it’s chilly enough to justify wearing a jumper, one of hubbys hoodies or my big cozy cardigan, it’s even better when I pull the sleeves down over my thumbs in a manner my mother would not approve of.

Woodland Walks

Crunchy leaves, dappled sunlight  and squirrels scurrying around to gather up food to see them through the winter months…there is so much to enjoy on a lazy walk through the woods.

There are so many things about autumn I enjoy, from foggy mornings to dew covered spider webs and everything in-between; what’s your favourite thing about autumn or are you already longing for the hot summer days?