How To – DIY Winter Wonderland Frosted Pinecones

It seems almost impossible once pinecone season descends to walk past fallen pinecones and not pick a few up.

I’m a pinecone hoarder.

This weekend a bag of pinecones literately fell on me as I was digging around under the stairs, and if that isn’t a sign that I’ve got too many I don’t know what is.


It wont stop me of gathering more, but I will be more picky in the future.

So, with my recently discovered bag of goodies I decided it was time to actually do something with the things rather than just have them sat there looking rather brown and boring.

Using a few basic supplies I turned my boring regular pinecones in to frosted winter wonderland style pinecones, subtle with a hint of glitter to catch the light.

winter wonderland pinecones

To jazz up your pinecones all you need is:

Pinecones, gathered or shop bought is fine

Craft glue

Silver glitter

Flower Soft or the fake snow fluffy stuff will work too

Step one

I would suggest you start by cleaning your pinecones, here’s the process I use! Obviously you can omit this step if using store purchased pinecones.

Step two

Dab a spot of glue on each arms of the pinecone, save for the bottom ones.

glue dabs on pinecone

Step three

Holding the pinecone over your flower soft/fake snow, sprinkle the flower soft over the pinecone whilst slowly rotating it, making sure to get some flower soft on each arm.

flower soft pinecone

Step four

Repeat with silver glitter. Give the pinecone a little shake to remove any excess, and leave to dry.

glitter pinecone

Repeat for each pinecone until you’re finished.

pinecones decorated waiting to dry

Now you just need to find a way to display or use them, I like to have bowls of seasonal goodies dotted around the house.

frosted pinecones

winter wonderland pinecones

This project is great for the little ones, no scissors, although the glitter will get everywhere, but eh what's a bit of glitter!

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