Woodworking Progress

I think we all need a creative outlet; at the moment mine happens to be woodworking.

I first realised that I need something of a creative nature about a year or so after I got my depression and PTSD diagnoses, whilst I wouldn’t have suggested sharp chisels and knives I’m glad that my creative endeavours have led me to woodworking.

I’ve been dabbling in woodworking for just under a year and am so far enjoying the bejinkos out of it. It’s the sort of thing, which if you asked me about a few years ago, I’d have laughed at, but now, I’m pretty sure it’s something I will be dabbling with for years to come.

For someone who is self taught, thank you You Tube, I’m surprised at how my confidence has grown.

These are some of my latest makes, and yes I guess this is totally me showing off. IT may seem self indulgent, but I’ve spent years feeling worthless and less than, so when I find something which makes me feel proud about myself, I shall indeed share it.



6 bowls




Along side woodturning, I’ve started dabbling in wood burning and wood carving, both of which are much harder than I thought but no less interesting.


wood burning

IMG_20151022_152440 (1)

It’s all to easy to fall in to the trap of thinking you’re worthless and not good at anything when depression and anxiety take over, it’s nice to be able to prove myself wrong.


spoon carving