Autumn in the Woods

Autumn this year has been a ridiculously mild affair, with colours of Summer lingering long after they have usually faded away.

This weekend we headed to the woods.

Even on our way there I was amazed at the number of flowers still in bloom.


IMG_20151203_085446 IMG_20151203_085511IMG_20151203_090714


The boys, despite their grumbling, soon found sticks and started to practise their stick twirling tricks, as you do.

It was nice to see so many new trees dotted around, the recent high winds have taken down a fair number of old trees.


I pootled along, keeping out the way of whacking distance.

I wont even lie, I see felled logs and instantly think “dang it, that would make an excellent bowl”.


Much of what we saw was as you’d expect, gone to seed and rocking all 50 shades of nature, but between the crunchy,

dried seed husks and leaves were some rather wonderful pops of colour.




I stumbled across a patch of gorgeous roses, someone had dumped a bunch of their gardening waste, naughty naughty!

IMG_20151206_134404 IMG_20151206_134414

When the boys proved too snotty for school we used our woodland gatherings for a bit of educational faffing, we do love bringing a bit of nature in to our home, except for the spider, which I flung at hubs.


It’s nice to see there is still so much colour and life out there in gardens, parks and woodlands, although the appearance of bulbs and daffodils makes me think what havoc this warmer weather will have on Spring!

Mammsaurus HDYGG